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August 2015

Mizon: Witch Hazel 90% Toner (Pore Tightener) Review


Up until a few weeks ago I only used a cleanser foam and Aveeno lotion as my skincare routine for a couple of years. I used to be better at taking care of my skin and I tried many brands such as Shiseido, Sulhwasoo, Clinique, Amore Pacific, etc. After developing new allergies year after year, I just got tired of it all and stopped using everything. Aveeno is great, but my skin did feel quite dry often. Especially during the winter, I would get dry patches on my face which made me stop using any sort of bb cream, foundation, or cushion compact. However, here I am taking better care of my skin now! Goodbye dry patches!

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Crocheted Hats!

Once again I am sharing with you some of the hats I finished crocheting. R is modeling the doggy hat and my little bear is modeling the other two, because these hats are intended for babies/children. I followed simple patterns from Pinterest! Can’t wait for future mini R’s or S’s! 🙂


Nature Republic: Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream Review


It’s time for a….REVIEW!!! I’ve been so busy running around here and there and there and here lately! I have a bunch of products I want to review, but I just didn’t get the chance to open up my laptop and type away freely~~~ I’ve been blogging mostly via my iphone lately and it hasn’t been an easy task! So here is another Korean beauty product that I would like to introduce to all of you: Nature Republic’s Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream.

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Picked up these sunglasses from the streets of Union Square for $5! Hahaa good buy! Unique and I’ll probably be using it as a headband piece 🙂

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Another outing to the city this week! Came out bright and early in the morning to have breakfast with my girlfriends and to hang out with R afterwards. Before meeting my friends, I spent some time reading at Union Square Park and walking around the farmers market. It was quite lovely and the weather is beautiful today!

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Crocheted Baby Booties

First little pair of baby booties I made! 🙂 So adorable! I’m always able to find free and simple patterns on Pinterest. These were not beginner level…haha not even sure I can do it a second time!


Insider look into my beauty collection!

My sweet room full of goodies and treats for me. I just love sitting here and looking through my collection. Makes me feel so happy! I know I sound like a dork but other beauty lovers will agree with me. 🙂 Little life pleasures~

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Beauty and Eating Date 

Today I went out to the City for a beauty date with friends and a day full of eating. What a wonderful pile of goodies I got, right?! 🙂

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MAC Day!

Today I went to MAC in search of ‘Ruby Woo’ the popular lipstick I’ve been reading all about! I usually only go for their Cremesheen line for lip products and for lighter shades than this bright red lipstick so I was pretty giddy and apprehensive! 🙂

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