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September 2015

Date with friends in L.I.

On our way early in the morning to watch Mazerunner 2 in theaters with our friends. Saw the first movie last night so we would know the plot before watching this movie-I have to say the second movie was so much better!!! 🙂

Ate some yummy good food at The Good Life!! 🙂 So much for eating healthy…not to mention I ate a bag of Twix and a box of nachos and cheese all by myself without Ray’s help at the theater…

 Went to the mall afterwords and I love all the cute things the Disney store has!!!  

Eyed these awesome Kate Spade sunglasses! Did I get it or not? If I did get it which color did I get? Hmmm…. 🙂 

Inside a princess castle!!

  Enjoying the massage chair at Brookstone…mmmm so relaxing!

  R is the sweetest bestest man! He got me a $100 Lush giftcard because he knows I love the store! I bought to my heart’s content today…will reveal my Lush haul soon! 🙂 

Made some quick veggies, baked mini meatballs, and baked some roast beef for tonight’s quick meal! 🙂

YSL: Ombres Duolumieres – Eye Shadow Duo Review


YSL! I sure do loveeeeeeeee your eyeshadows!!!!! I will always go back to YSL, because their colors are so gorgeous and pigmented! I have gotten so many compliments on the colors and bought many more as gifts in the past. Yes, it is definitely on the pricier side, but totally worth every penny. $41 plus tax!

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Target Tuesdays!


Tonight was Target night! R had to go, because he has a big presentation tomorrow and needed last minute supplies. We had some pak-bing-soo (Korean shaved ice dessert) before going, and it was fantastical!! While R looked around for his supplies, I picked up a bunch of Halloween items for my class! The prices were so awesome $1-$3 for everything (except for the jack-o-lantern shirt that you see…) The shirt was $12.99, and I know my students would love seeing me wear it so I had to get it! Hahaa Halloween is more than a month away, but this group is already so excited for it and can’t stop talking about it! I got 18 treat bags for $1! Better than the Michaels deal! Lot’s of cute things and some window clingys – still need to go to Michaels and a couple of other stores to finish my treat bags but it’s a great start! ❤


Mizon: King to the Kong-King’s Berry Aqua Step Up Cream Review


My girlfriends picked me up this HUGE (300ml) container of Mizon’s King to the Kong: King’s Berry Aqua Step-Up Cream. What a handful of words to say… I couldn’t believe it was a skincare product, because of the cute packaging. Hahaa just couldn’t take it too seriously at first, but it was one of the first K-beauty products I tried. My girlfriends were super sweet and they picked it up for me when they went to a Lily and Peach sample sale in the city over the summer. Wish there was another K-beauty sample sale….!!!

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Bling Bling!!



Many of you may not know this, but I LOVE jewelry!!! I used to design and make my own jewelry, and sell it for a while as well! (I will try to post up some of my designs in the near future!!!) Although I make jewelry, I still love to buy beautiful pieces that I see when I shop. Especially the ones I know I can’t make… I saw these two pieces when R and I went to T.J. Maxx right before our dinner plans. I was literally walking by the jewelry stand and it caught my eye! Next thing I know I was telling the salesperson- “I’ll take them!” Even though these were pieces from T.J. Maxx it was still quite pricey, but I really wanted it!!! The earrings are from Alexa & Tori. They have such delicate and lovely pieces there!!! But, I can’t find any of their products online!! GRRR! The necklace is from Isabella M. Much more affordable! The chain is actually quite long so I’m going to see if I can shorten it a bit or check out which outfits I can wear it with! So excited about these new jewelry pieces that will be added to my collection! ❤


Yay, I got my Disney gifts from the Giveaway!


Big thank you to Natalie!!!! I won her awesome Disney themed giveaway and it is so cute!!! There are two eyeshadow quads and a pretty pink lipgloss! Love the packaging – it almost looks too adorable to use!! ❤


Winner of my GIVEAWAY!!!! :D

Sorry for the late announcement!!! 🙂


The winner of this giveaway (don’t worry I will host more in the near future!!!) was Ms. Yazzi!!!!! Pretty Pomegranate I’m excited that she won, because she’s always reviewing various Asian products!

-Cheers!!! Thank you to all of my followers and stay tuned, I will host more so you will get a chance to win! ❤

Tonight’s Quick Meal!


I don’t know what type of cuisine it is that I make…I usually go food shopping – get the veggies and the protein and just throw it all together. 🙂 Today was a long day! Got to work at 7am, tutored right after work, went grocery shopping, and began my cooking. R and I do enjoy homecooked meals, and we probably eat in more than other people due to this. Love when R cooks, but he’s been so busy with work lately and not feeling so well. 😦 Just made some steamed eggs with scallions, beef with mushrooms and onions, seaweed soup, baked codfish with cabbage, braised tofu, string beans, and bok choy for dinner.






It was so yummy!!! Of course we both had to eat some Carvel ice cream afterwards….!!! Awesomeness!!!

Goodies from Asia!!!


Back at work and started my tutoring routine today! I work with the sweetest family, but I took a summer break while the tutoring family traveled to Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea. WOW, dream vacation!!! They brought me back cute little goodies, and I love it so much! These are socks are Korea – they noticed I always wear cute little socks all the time hehee 🙂



These treats are delicious with red bean paste inside!!! Just ate a third of this chocolate and it is so good! Had to stop myself from finishing it up! These are from Japan. Totally made my day!


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