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November 2015


Woke up early today so I was able to snap some pictures! This is my simple beauty routine of the day. Eyebrows with my favorite Anastasia pencil in Caramel, Goodal face emulsion, a little bit of blush with Too Faced, spray some Caudalie on my face for some freshness,and a poof of Chloe’s Love Story. 😁   

Earrings that I designed and handmade that I’ll be wearing today.  

Last but not least is my current knitting project!   


Goodies for my momma!

Every month or so I will put together some skincare/makeup goodies for my mom. She certainly doesn’t need to go shopping on her own! I have a lot of samples, face masks I buy a bundle of, products I have tried (but I have a million more waiting to be tested and these need to be used!!!), Birchbox samples, and products I will buy for the both of us to use together. This month I feel like is more than usual and I’m excited for her to try these new goodies out! 😍👏👏🌟  

Crossfit and Relaxation

Today I went to R’s Crossfit gym bright and early in the morning. After the WOD (workout of the day), R and I and his friend (pictured below) fooled around with jumproping and I attempted to climb the rope. Did I make it to the top? Definitely not…hahaha Afterwards, we went to get a yummy smoothie (honey, banana, peanut butter, soy milk) and I focused on some knitting. Before going home, R and I went to Barnes and Noble. It’s so sad all the locations in Queens are closing this year. 😭😭😭 So of course I had to buy a couple of things… When I got home I did more shopping damage online for YARN!! It costed an arm and a leg but well worth it!!! 🙂 Can’t wait and in the meantime I will have to just knit faster! 💪👍    

Hot pink!

Rebecca Minkoff bag that I bought a while back. I still love it!! Matching it up with some bracelets, earrings I designed and made, and of course my engagement ring! Been feeling quite pink lately. ☺️ 💕

I’ve been on instagram for 2 weeks now!! 🙂 Follow me at: supalifeofashopaholic 😁😁


Blue and Gold~ BOTD

Today is Parent Teacher Conference Day so I’ll be at work allllll day! Figured I would need some cheering up by carrying a nice new bag to work today! Got this from the Kate Spade Surprise Sale…love it! Originally bought it for my mom but yes…what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her..hahaa! 🙂 


New knitting project!

Hello my lacy scarf!!! Tough project ahead of me!!! Anxiety and excitement oowhooo!! 🙂  

Knitted Blanket Finito!!

I’ve been working on this blanket for a long long time and I finally finished it! R already used it last night and I’m so happy with the way it turned out! 👍😁💕💪   

Pink Day! 

Feeling pink today! My Kate Spade bag and my Nike shoes will be coming to work with me this morning! ❤   

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