Ever since Ray asked me (nicely) to cook something new…..I’ve been on a Pinterest roll!!! Cheddar broccoli tots, siracha honey chicken, etcetc~ 😁 Ray’s a creative chef naturally so he doesn’t need the help of the internet (lucky guy!) Here’s what he made last night for dinner. A baked potato steak bowl with homemade salsa, quinoa chips and all the other yummy goods that come in a “salad bowl.”    
  I am attempting to bake my first pernil (Puerto Rican pork) and here is the raw version- yummy!!! 😁😁😁
Here it is after being flipped back and forth in the oven for 4 hours! It is amazing and juicy and tender and awesome and I love it!!!!!! It was a success!! 😁👍😁