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June 2016

Sweets and Eats

 This is a wonderful gift from my staff that I will always treasure!! 🙂 So much thought and effort went into it! 😁💕 Can’t believe it’s the end of the school year already! This year flew by and it was truly an awesome learning experience. It was also my first year as a DOE teacher, oowhooo!!!! Our school also had quality review this year, but we did so great! So proud of my school, students, and staff! 

I had one student who first came into my class unable to walk and he had to crawl around, but now he’s able to walk independently! Another student who used to run out of the classroom (or school! 😱) at any given moment, but now she’s following one-step directions and we can leave our door open! I can go on and on about the major accomplishments my students have made this year, and it makes my heart so full and proud! 

Wish I could post pictures of them, but I can’t. 😩 However, here’s a picture of our amazing shark classroom door! We are one awesome class! (On a side note: It doesn’t feel like the last day of school for me since I’ll be working summer with the same kiddos haha!)  

A wonderful weekend~

 It has been a while…maybe marriage life has been a little too good? Or perhaps knitting took over my life for a while and so I stopped blogging altogether! Anyways, I’m backkkkkkkkkkkkk! 😁

Don’t R and I look so happy to be eating these delicious skewers? We are!!! It was a great day with amazing friends, and I actually got to use the swimming pool!!! Oowhoo!!! (Most of you may know that I’m allergic to sunblock which is one of the most annoying allergies to have…)    

 I made these s’mores bars for the bbq and it came out really yummy and of course- sweet! Found the recipe on Pinterest and just added extra hand-smashed graham crackers to the dough. Smashing! I really wanted to eat it all when it came out of the oven…but I need self-control!!!  Feel like we were advertising for Corona here haha awesome picture of us as we took a break from volleyball. 


We played this awesome 4D (virtual reality) game at their place. R did pretty well with the zombie game and I? I, on the other hand, started screaming before the game even started!! Pretty darn realistic :X  Today we decided to go to Staten Island bright and early to beat the traffic. We brought our new Sony a6000 camera with us to test it out!   

 Walked on the boardwalk, gulfed down some cheeseburgers, took a bunch of pictures and we headed for some shopping before going to the birthday party. 👍  I love love love these shoes!!! It was LOVE on first try! Had to buy them and wear it for the party hehee!! The bag was ordered from Gilt (very funky), and I love how it is handmade- every bead was sewed by hand!!!!💕💓   

   This birthday party was beyond amazing! The mom threw the most impressive, detail-oriented party of all time. She had mini capes for all the children, disco dance party, and everything was labeled and so perfect! Usually R and I get a bit bored during kid parties but this one was epic! The party finished before we even had thoughts of leaving! That’s always a good sign, no?   

 When we finally made it home we decided to go on an hour long walk around the neighborhood wearing our hiking boots since we need to break them in. R cut up apples for us and we just went strolling around~ It was really nice and R checked to see if the boots really were waterproof! (We think they are…!) Anyhows, those were some of our adventures for this weekend and we ended the night with the final episode of GOT. (Mouth shut…) Good night!!!! 😁

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