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Apple Picking Day!

Apple picking day at Barton. We went with R’s family and it was a nice place but let me warn you about the traffic and the lines…kind of ridiculous!!!!!! On a positive note, hayrides and lot’s of apple tastings! I brought my own knife to slice away~

 My outfit is quite colorful today haha! Posing with the mini apple I picked!!! So tiny and cute! 🙂

  Attempting to pick this pumpkin up…  

Yummy cinnamon doughnut!!! Went back for more but the line was way too long..boooo! 😦




This is one of my favorite pictures! R’s friends came apple picking with their children. I stole their child and stole a kiss! 🙂 Of course I had to lure her with Hello Kitty stickers!
  Our apple pole! Roar!!!
Slicing away!  

I picked it up!!!!! 🙂  
I picked mostly Fuji apples! 🙂

Hayride!!! Bouncy bouncy!

I love my raw honey~

Picked up some fudge: peanut butter, rocky road, and birthday cake!  
Hot Dog was a no-no!    

Mochi & Cookie :)

Time for some cuteness on my blog! Introducing Mochi and Cookie my little siblings! These pictures are from a few years back-too adorable! 🙂

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