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Sweets and Eats

 This is a wonderful gift from my staff that I will always treasure!! 🙂 So much thought and effort went into it! 😁💕 Can’t believe it’s the end of the school year already! This year flew by and it was truly an awesome learning experience. It was also my first year as a DOE teacher, oowhooo!!!! Our school also had quality review this year, but we did so great! So proud of my school, students, and staff! 

I had one student who first came into my class unable to walk and he had to crawl around, but now he’s able to walk independently! Another student who used to run out of the classroom (or school! 😱) at any given moment, but now she’s following one-step directions and we can leave our door open! I can go on and on about the major accomplishments my students have made this year, and it makes my heart so full and proud! 

Wish I could post pictures of them, but I can’t. 😩 However, here’s a picture of our amazing shark classroom door! We are one awesome class! (On a side note: It doesn’t feel like the last day of school for me since I’ll be working summer with the same kiddos haha!)  


Woke up early today so I was able to snap some pictures! This is my simple beauty routine of the day. Eyebrows with my favorite Anastasia pencil in Caramel, Goodal face emulsion, a little bit of blush with Too Faced, spray some Caudalie on my face for some freshness,and a poof of Chloe’s Love Story. 😁   

Earrings that I designed and handmade that I’ll be wearing today.  

Last but not least is my current knitting project!   


Goodies for my momma!

Every month or so I will put together some skincare/makeup goodies for my mom. She certainly doesn’t need to go shopping on her own! I have a lot of samples, face masks I buy a bundle of, products I have tried (but I have a million more waiting to be tested and these need to be used!!!), Birchbox samples, and products I will buy for the both of us to use together. This month I feel like is more than usual and I’m excited for her to try these new goodies out! 😍👏👏🌟  

Hot pink!

Rebecca Minkoff bag that I bought a while back. I still love it!! Matching it up with some bracelets, earrings I designed and made, and of course my engagement ring! Been feeling quite pink lately. ☺️ 💕

I’ve been on instagram for 2 weeks now!! 🙂 Follow me at: supalifeofashopaholic 😁😁


Blue and Gold~ BOTD

Today is Parent Teacher Conference Day so I’ll be at work allllll day! Figured I would need some cheering up by carrying a nice new bag to work today! Got this from the Kate Spade Surprise Sale…love it! Originally bought it for my mom but yes…what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her..hahaa! 🙂 


Pink Day! 

Feeling pink today! My Kate Spade bag and my Nike shoes will be coming to work with me this morning! ❤   

My bridal shower!

Yesterday I was given the most beautiful bridal shower by my loving friends. So much thought went into the party-every little detail had ‘Susanna’ on it! The brightness- especially the hot pink!! Gift bags for guests with little decoration details included with Korean face masks!!!! Chocolate mousse cake and eggs benedict…all my favorite! 🙂 Here are some of the pictures for you to enjoy! I ended up wearing the LWD I got from Express! 🙂 What a perfect occassion to wear it to!


BOTD (Bags of the Day)

My cute bag I got from my Philly trip a few years back. Saw someone carrying it and I told myself I had to have it…and so I found it! 🙂 Red Cole Haan heels for my dinner date with the ladies! ❤

 Another one of my favorites! It’s super big and roomy inside, but still filled to the brim! I got it many years ago from – Matt & Nat.

Arbonne Product Review


My friend, Lisbeth, is an independent consultant for Arbonne which is a company that’s all about being green. Arbonne uses botanically based ingredients, and they state earth friendly has everything to do with who they are and how they choose to grow. I love products that are healthy to the world and that is pure and safe. If you go on their website they have a list of ingredients they use for their products and how it is beneficial to the skin. 🙂 Arbonne formulas are based on botanical skin care principles and formulated without Animal products or animal by-products, parabens, formaldehyde, PABA, mineral oil, petrolatum and phthalates toluene. Lisbeth sent R and I samples to test out knowing I love natural skincare products, and we couldn’t wait to test it out! 🙂


R and I found the Arbonne products to be lightweight and gentle on the skin. I love how quickly the product absorbs into my skin. My skin felt softer and moisturized almost immediately after applying it. (I really love the sample packs, because you can test out all the products in their skincare collection for a few days and see how your skin reacts to it!) I have sensitive skin so I’m always worried about an allergic reaction but all the products were great. I’m happy, because since the cooler weather, my skin has been quite dry. All the products R and I tried out were for the face, and it’s been looking smoother and firmer since trying Arbonne. I’ll definitely also be looking into their makeup line in the near future! 🙂

Please check out Lisbeth’s site for Arbonne for more information:

Lisbeth’s Arbonne Site or






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