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Kate Spade Mini Haul

Did I mention that we went to Woodbury Outlets after apple picking yesterday? We had to stay there for a long time due to traffic just to get out of the shopping center, but I did minimal damage in my standards. 🙂

 My Kate Spade goodies!!

These sunglasses are actually not from the outlet store- I wish!!! I added it to my Kate Spade haul because I purchased it earlier this week! Love it! These are the sunglasses you see me wearing when I went apple picking!


  My large wallet! Love the huge flat size of this!!!! It is amazing~ Color is a dark purple. Original price was $195 but everything at the store was 50% off and then an additional 20% off everything in the store. It ended up being $78 before tax, yay!

  Cute makeup bag!! $60 for $24 before tax! 🙂 I was good for the rest of the shopping trip. 

Crafty Hands

Taking the 6:25am train to the city today for professional development. So weird not to be going to work and I miss my kids already! Also, I’m scared how crazy my room will look tomorrow haha 🙂   

Last night I had to make some jewelry orders so I got some of my tools out and went to work! 🙂


I used gold-filled materials most of the time which is great for people with allergies and Swarovski materials which means $$$$$$ hahaa sometimes I wish I could open up a little jewelry/craft store!

Now I’m on the train typing up this mini-post and knitting away!! 🙂 Cheers to a terrific Thursday!!! Today is supposed to be sunny and warm in NYC so I’m looking forward to the nice weather!


Weekend Hauls


Halloween goodies for my classroom from Party City. Despicable Me pumpkin tattoos! Can’t wait to do this with my class! Have to paint our mini pumpkin yellow tomorrow first! 🙂 I got two cute headbands to alternate and wear everyday in October. I wore my spider one and the boys in my class loved it! 🙂 Got some tattoos as well – this year they won’t lose it like they do with their stickers.


Ray got a Captain America costume! He already has the t-shirt so he picked up some props. The socks are not pictured but they are over the knee socks with mini capes on the back. It is so cute! 🙂


Went to Ulta and get a mini, but expensive makeup haul. I love my Anastasia eyebrow pencil, but it runs out so quickly so I decided to try out their powder so I got the Caramel color and picked up an eyebrow brush as well. Picked up a Stila primer that is so cool!!! More about it later!! 🙂 Also, picked up a new mascara and I did try it out & it’s pretty awesome!!!


Birthday watch for my brother – he’s 21 today!!! 😀


Chocolates for the sweet! Got one for me and the rest for our parents to share. 🙂



Hahaha love this fuzzy warm hat I tried on at Century 21. Would’ve purchased it if it wasn’t $270!!!! Geez!!! 🙂


Target Tuesdays!


Tonight was Target night! R had to go, because he has a big presentation tomorrow and needed last minute supplies. We had some pak-bing-soo (Korean shaved ice dessert) before going, and it was fantastical!! While R looked around for his supplies, I picked up a bunch of Halloween items for my class! The prices were so awesome $1-$3 for everything (except for the jack-o-lantern shirt that you see…) The shirt was $12.99, and I know my students would love seeing me wear it so I had to get it! Hahaa Halloween is more than a month away, but this group is already so excited for it and can’t stop talking about it! I got 18 treat bags for $1! Better than the Michaels deal! Lot’s of cute things and some window clingys – still need to go to Michaels and a couple of other stores to finish my treat bags but it’s a great start! ❤


Goodies from Asia!!!


Back at work and started my tutoring routine today! I work with the sweetest family, but I took a summer break while the tutoring family traveled to Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea. WOW, dream vacation!!! They brought me back cute little goodies, and I love it so much! These are socks are Korea – they noticed I always wear cute little socks all the time hehee 🙂



These treats are delicious with red bean paste inside!!! Just ate a third of this chocolate and it is so good! Had to stop myself from finishing it up! These are from Japan. Totally made my day!


Wearing the new jumpsuit! :)



R made me try his new gadget toy, the go-pro, on my head! I walked around the neighborhood with this and I must have looked very silly to the neighbors. 🙂 However, it’s my first time wearing the new jumpsuit, and I love it!


R and I went shopping on Sunday Funday for some home goods. This t-shirt was very fitting for the day! ❤

*Plus, don’t forget to check out my giveaway!!! Giveaway! You can get some K-beauty products! 🙂


Jumpsuits 1 2 3!


I’ve been feeling a bit stressed lately, because my brother’s professor won’t let him take his final exam earlier and so it’s either change my wedding date or my brother misses my destination wedding. Mind you all the relatives booked their flights and we paid our initial deposit. To top that off the guy won’t even tell my brother what time the test will be so I can’t even book his flight yet! Have to cancel his original flight which I know I won’t get any money back and the flights for the new date is $900+….great just great! Anyways, let me relax and talk about what makes me happy now!!! 🙂

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Target: Merona Shirt

Purchased this button down from Target recently for $24.99. I’m sure you can find a better deal (coupons!!!!) but I didn’t want to wait so I just bought it at the store. Brand Merona and size S. You can see the different angles and how it looks unbuttoned and buttoned. I like it because it’s so simple and I know I’ll be wearing it to work all the time. Comfortable and a little stretchy and it’s not too fitted which is what I prefer when I’m working with my students. Wondering what deals you’ll find at Target! 🙂


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Crocheted Baby Booties

First little pair of baby booties I made! 🙂 So adorable! I’m always able to find free and simple patterns on Pinterest. These were not beginner level…haha not even sure I can do it a second time!


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