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Wow, a lot of time has passed since my last post! Things have been very busy at work, but my newfound love for knitting has been keeping me sane and so happy. Here’s a picture of my (new) hubby and the scarf I knitted up for him! 🙂 Plus his new shoes for Christmas! 😍😁  
Today Ray took me to the NYC VogueKnitLive which is a yarn/knitter’s idea of heaven. Vendors from all over the world gather for this convention and it is a sweet sweet place! My husband made sure to bring his headphones and extra phone batteries. 👍   

So many beautiful soft yarn to choose from!!!! I held on to my husband’s creditcard and did my damage!!!!  
 I always wanted to try giant needle knitting! My wish came true!!! 😍😍😍 
My beautiful new collection of yarn plus big needles. I also won a free Lee Child audiobook 😍😝. Some of the yarn were $36 per skein 😱😅😭 but how could I say no?!?! I discovered many new favorite yarn companies today, and it was such an exciting day for me!!! I’m also excited about using my little yarnbowl! 👍💕 

I need to thank my wonderful husband for not complaining once and following me everywhere and holding all my bags. Plus thank you for not freaking out over the cost of yarn and being so understanding about my passion. I’m not sure I can be as nice as him when it comes to his hobbies….which is Crossfit and working out hahaa 😅😅

I missed the blogging world! ⛄️😁


Crafty Hands

Taking the 6:25am train to the city today for professional development. So weird not to be going to work and I miss my kids already! Also, I’m scared how crazy my room will look tomorrow haha 🙂   

Last night I had to make some jewelry orders so I got some of my tools out and went to work! 🙂


I used gold-filled materials most of the time which is great for people with allergies and Swarovski materials which means $$$$$$ hahaa sometimes I wish I could open up a little jewelry/craft store!

Now I’m on the train typing up this mini-post and knitting away!! 🙂 Cheers to a terrific Thursday!!! Today is supposed to be sunny and warm in NYC so I’m looking forward to the nice weather!


Crocheted Hats!

Once again I am sharing with you some of the hats I finished crocheting. R is modeling the doggy hat and my little bear is modeling the other two, because these hats are intended for babies/children. I followed simple patterns from Pinterest! Can’t wait for future mini R’s or S’s! 🙂


Crocheted Baby Booties

First little pair of baby booties I made! 🙂 So adorable! I’m always able to find free and simple patterns on Pinterest. These were not beginner level…haha not even sure I can do it a second time!


Crocheted Headband & Hat

A few months ago I was obsessed with crocheting/knitting and Pinterest. Here are two of my creations!!! ❤


Crocheted Owl Friend! :)

This is another little crocheting project I worked on: a little owl friend! I found the free pattern via Pinterest. It took a lot longer than I anticipated because there were so many little pieces to make and then I had to sew it to the main body. R loves it and has it on his nightstand. 🙂 

Little Owl and Little Monster are friends! ❤

My Crocheted Little Monster

At one point I was really into crocheting and knitting. My friends all know I go through many different EXPENSIVE hobbies. Crocheting was one of the cheaper hobbies I went through…hehee

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