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Skinfood Mini Haul Review

Hello Skinfood/K-beauty lovers! I went to the Skinfood store the other day to pick up a gift and of course I just had to walk out with a few things for myself. *BIG SIGH*

First product is the Quinoa Rich Body Milk lotion. Description: A rich body milk with quinoa extract that creates a creamy layer to give dry skin a softer, smoother texture. Quinoa, the Supergrain from the Inca Empire, is enriched with proteins, starch and minerals. 

I love the light scent and it’s a nice big bottle to use. It’s not heavy but definitely helps the dry patches. Love that it’s not sticky oowhooo!! 

Second product is the Lychee Essence Mist in a spray bottle for your hair. Description: A hair serum mist that contains lychee extract, and transforms damaged hair into a silky smooth texture. Shake well before use. Evenly spray an adequate amount on the entire hair. 

Lovely product! I love looking for products for my hair because it’s so dry, frizzy, and damaged. I have a bunch of oils for the hair but I’m lazy when it comes to applying it on my hair because I don’t want my hands to be oily… This product is awesome because I just need to spray spray spray regardless of whether my hair is wet or dry.  My hair is usually in knots and unmanageable, but this product definitely helps my tangles and frizzes!!! Plus it smells nice. 🙂

Love my new purchases!!


Date with friends in L.I.

On our way early in the morning to watch Mazerunner 2 in theaters with our friends. Saw the first movie last night so we would know the plot before watching this movie-I have to say the second movie was so much better!!! 🙂

Ate some yummy good food at The Good Life!! 🙂 So much for eating healthy…not to mention I ate a bag of Twix and a box of nachos and cheese all by myself without Ray’s help at the theater…

 Went to the mall afterwords and I love all the cute things the Disney store has!!!  

Eyed these awesome Kate Spade sunglasses! Did I get it or not? If I did get it which color did I get? Hmmm…. 🙂 

Inside a princess castle!!

  Enjoying the massage chair at Brookstone…mmmm so relaxing!

  R is the sweetest bestest man! He got me a $100 Lush giftcard because he knows I love the store! I bought to my heart’s content today…will reveal my Lush haul soon! 🙂 

Made some quick veggies, baked mini meatballs, and baked some roast beef for tonight’s quick meal! 🙂

My Bluemercury 16th Anniversary Bag (filled with goodies!!!) and purchases!


Bluemercury is not a store/website I normally shop at, but I did some online shopping for the first time after seeing their envious 16th anniversary sample bag. Why did I see it?!! The deal is still going on, and if you spend $150 you will get their anniversary bag for free. (You see the blue bag? That contains all the free goodies…oh yea~~~)

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Crushing after Lush

After reading countless of posts about Lush and passing by the store but never going in…I did it today!!!! I spent a few hours last night looking through the ingredients, exploring the popular products, and I read many many reviews! Are you curious about my purchases?

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Insider look into my beauty collection!

My sweet room full of goodies and treats for me. I just love sitting here and looking through my collection. Makes me feel so happy! I know I sound like a dork but other beauty lovers will agree with me. 🙂 Little life pleasures~

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Beauty and Eating Date 

Today I went out to the City for a beauty date with friends and a day full of eating. What a wonderful pile of goodies I got, right?! 🙂

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Birchbox: Klorane: Dry shampoo with oak milk

Tadah! This was one of the items in the Birchbox and I tested it out today. It’s a dry shampoo by Klorane which means it will clean your hair without water! I have never tried a dry shampoo before and always was curious so here I go!

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