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Taking the 6:25am train to the city today for professional development. So weird not to be going to work and I miss my kids already! Also, I’m scared how crazy my room will look tomorrow haha 🙂   

Last night I had to make some jewelry orders so I got some of my tools out and went to work! 🙂


I used gold-filled materials most of the time which is great for people with allergies and Swarovski materials which means $$$$$$ hahaa sometimes I wish I could open up a little jewelry/craft store!

Now I’m on the train typing up this mini-post and knitting away!! 🙂 Cheers to a terrific Thursday!!! Today is supposed to be sunny and warm in NYC so I’m looking forward to the nice weather!


Bling Bling!!



Many of you may not know this, but I LOVE jewelry!!! I used to design and make my own jewelry, and sell it for a while as well! (I will try to post up some of my designs in the near future!!!) Although I make jewelry, I still love to buy beautiful pieces that I see when I shop. Especially the ones I know I can’t make… I saw these two pieces when R and I went to T.J. Maxx right before our dinner plans. I was literally walking by the jewelry stand and it caught my eye! Next thing I know I was telling the salesperson- “I’ll take them!” Even though these were pieces from T.J. Maxx it was still quite pricey, but I really wanted it!!! The earrings are from Alexa & Tori. They have such delicate and lovely pieces there!!! But, I can’t find any of their products online!! GRRR! The necklace is from Isabella M. Much more affordable! The chain is actually quite long so I’m going to see if I can shorten it a bit or check out which outfits I can wear it with! So excited about these new jewelry pieces that will be added to my collection! ❤


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