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October Birchbox


Club Clio: Goodal: Peripera Mini Haul

Some skin products and a lip tint gloss ordered from Club Clio! I’m excited to try the new toner, emulsion, and cream. Also, I tested out the Phytowash Bubble Peeling product when I went to their store and it looks very interesting to use. Mmmm supposed to get rid of your dead skin-yay!!! Couldn’t resist the lip tint- I enjoy most of Peripera’s lip products so I can’t wait to test it out! 🙂


My Beauty Diary: Royal Jelly Mask for the Face! Review

Hello beauty lovers! I think My Beauty Diary is officially one of my top favorite brands for face masks. I tried plenty but the ingredients, size of the face mask, texture, and results are amazing. There are some masks that are so huge or sticky and I can’t fully enjoy the process of it. I look so funny with the mask on 🙂 but after I took if off my face was visibly brighter and definitely much more moisturized!! Those of you who read my blog posts regularly know I can’t stand stickiness, but this one was just fine. I was worried because comon it’s HONEY, but it was just fine and I wiped all the leftover residue on my neck and arms! This product was made in Taiwan. 🙂




Wow Brow Wow 

Howdy doo!! It’s a beautiful Sunday and I’m about to go to my first and perhaps LAST CF class with R. Today is bring a friend day so R is bringing me..yay! After work started I haven’t been really been going to the gym regularly and I haven’t been to the Kickboxing class that I already paid for in MONTHS! Such a bad track record when it comes to exercising…

Anyhows more on how my CF class went later. This morning I wanted to share my eyebrow products. I already posted in the past about my favorite Anastasia eyebrow pencil and clear brow gel. Remember to get clear, because the colored gel may make your eyebrows look unnatural and too dark. I changed up my eyebrow routine a bit because the Brow Wiz isn’t cheap and I’ve been needing to refill it every 2-3 months! I added the Brow Powder Duo to my collection along with their brow brush number 26. I use the color caramel,because my hair is dyed and lighter. I’ve been using the Brow Wiz pencil to shape my eyebrows and the Brow Powder Duo to fill it in. It looks more natural and I love the color. There is nothing special about the brush so you can use whatever you normally use and once by accident I used a eyeshadow brush and it worked just fine (or even better!) 


Skinfood Mini Haul Review

Hello Skinfood/K-beauty lovers! I went to the Skinfood store the other day to pick up a gift and of course I just had to walk out with a few things for myself. *BIG SIGH*

First product is the Quinoa Rich Body Milk lotion. Description: A rich body milk with quinoa extract that creates a creamy layer to give dry skin a softer, smoother texture. Quinoa, the Supergrain from the Inca Empire, is enriched with proteins, starch and minerals. 

I love the light scent and it’s a nice big bottle to use. It’s not heavy but definitely helps the dry patches. Love that it’s not sticky oowhooo!! 

Second product is the Lychee Essence Mist in a spray bottle for your hair. Description: A hair serum mist that contains lychee extract, and transforms damaged hair into a silky smooth texture. Shake well before use. Evenly spray an adequate amount on the entire hair. 

Lovely product! I love looking for products for my hair because it’s so dry, frizzy, and damaged. I have a bunch of oils for the hair but I’m lazy when it comes to applying it on my hair because I don’t want my hands to be oily… This product is awesome because I just need to spray spray spray regardless of whether my hair is wet or dry.  My hair is usually in knots and unmanageable, but this product definitely helps my tangles and frizzes!!! Plus it smells nice. 🙂

Love my new purchases!!


Weekend Hauls


Halloween goodies for my classroom from Party City. Despicable Me pumpkin tattoos! Can’t wait to do this with my class! Have to paint our mini pumpkin yellow tomorrow first! 🙂 I got two cute headbands to alternate and wear everyday in October. I wore my spider one and the boys in my class loved it! 🙂 Got some tattoos as well – this year they won’t lose it like they do with their stickers.


Ray got a Captain America costume! He already has the t-shirt so he picked up some props. The socks are not pictured but they are over the knee socks with mini capes on the back. It is so cute! 🙂


Went to Ulta and get a mini, but expensive makeup haul. I love my Anastasia eyebrow pencil, but it runs out so quickly so I decided to try out their powder so I got the Caramel color and picked up an eyebrow brush as well. Picked up a Stila primer that is so cool!!! More about it later!! 🙂 Also, picked up a new mascara and I did try it out & it’s pretty awesome!!!


Birthday watch for my brother – he’s 21 today!!! 😀


Chocolates for the sweet! Got one for me and the rest for our parents to share. 🙂



Hahaha love this fuzzy warm hat I tried on at Century 21. Would’ve purchased it if it wasn’t $270!!!! Geez!!! 🙂


Date with friends in L.I.

On our way early in the morning to watch Mazerunner 2 in theaters with our friends. Saw the first movie last night so we would know the plot before watching this movie-I have to say the second movie was so much better!!! 🙂

Ate some yummy good food at The Good Life!! 🙂 So much for eating healthy…not to mention I ate a bag of Twix and a box of nachos and cheese all by myself without Ray’s help at the theater…

 Went to the mall afterwords and I love all the cute things the Disney store has!!!  

Eyed these awesome Kate Spade sunglasses! Did I get it or not? If I did get it which color did I get? Hmmm…. 🙂 

Inside a princess castle!!

  Enjoying the massage chair at Brookstone…mmmm so relaxing!

  R is the sweetest bestest man! He got me a $100 Lush giftcard because he knows I love the store! I bought to my heart’s content today…will reveal my Lush haul soon! 🙂 

Made some quick veggies, baked mini meatballs, and baked some roast beef for tonight’s quick meal! 🙂

Mizon: King to the Kong-King’s Berry Aqua Step Up Cream Review


My girlfriends picked me up this HUGE (300ml) container of Mizon’s King to the Kong: King’s Berry Aqua Step-Up Cream. What a handful of words to say… I couldn’t believe it was a skincare product, because of the cute packaging. Hahaa just couldn’t take it too seriously at first, but it was one of the first K-beauty products I tried. My girlfriends were super sweet and they picked it up for me when they went to a Lily and Peach sample sale in the city over the summer. Wish there was another K-beauty sample sale….!!!

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Winner of my GIVEAWAY!!!! :D

Sorry for the late announcement!!! 🙂


The winner of this giveaway (don’t worry I will host more in the near future!!!) was Ms. Yazzi!!!!! Pretty Pomegranate I’m excited that she won, because she’s always reviewing various Asian products!

-Cheers!!! Thank you to all of my followers and stay tuned, I will host more so you will get a chance to win! ❤

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