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Sweets and Eats

 This is a wonderful gift from my staff that I will always treasure!! 🙂 So much thought and effort went into it! 😁💕 Can’t believe it’s the end of the school year already! This year flew by and it was truly an awesome learning experience. It was also my first year as a DOE teacher, oowhooo!!!! Our school also had quality review this year, but we did so great! So proud of my school, students, and staff! 

I had one student who first came into my class unable to walk and he had to crawl around, but now he’s able to walk independently! Another student who used to run out of the classroom (or school! 😱) at any given moment, but now she’s following one-step directions and we can leave our door open! I can go on and on about the major accomplishments my students have made this year, and it makes my heart so full and proud! 

Wish I could post pictures of them, but I can’t. 😩 However, here’s a picture of our amazing shark classroom door! We are one awesome class! (On a side note: It doesn’t feel like the last day of school for me since I’ll be working summer with the same kiddos haha!)  

Minion Pumpkin!

Today we painted our pumpkin yellow and tattooed a minion face on it, yay! (Sorry no pictures of my cute little kiddos so I had to cut them out) We had a fun day and we got to decorate the cupcakes I baked as well! They couldn’t wait to eat it all and all wanted seconds!! 🙂

So cute! Added to our Halloween section of the classroom. 🙂 


Sprinkly Dinkly Cupcakes

Howdy do! Somebody made some yummy cupcakes tonight!!! (Not from scratch though…I used to only bake from scratch but it takes so much time!!!) I was pretty exhausted from my city outing, but I did it!!! I’m sad because two of my students will be moving to an ESL class 😦 I know it’s only October but my kids this year are awesome! They already feel like my kids and I realized I really missed teaching a 12:1:1 class. I promised  the kids I would bake cupcakes (no oven in school boooo) and we would decorate it together. It will be a small goodbye party and it makes me so sad! 😦


Target Tuesdays!


Tonight was Target night! R had to go, because he has a big presentation tomorrow and needed last minute supplies. We had some pak-bing-soo (Korean shaved ice dessert) before going, and it was fantastical!! While R looked around for his supplies, I picked up a bunch of Halloween items for my class! The prices were so awesome $1-$3 for everything (except for the jack-o-lantern shirt that you see…) The shirt was $12.99, and I know my students would love seeing me wear it so I had to get it! Hahaa Halloween is more than a month away, but this group is already so excited for it and can’t stop talking about it! I got 18 treat bags for $1! Better than the Michaels deal! Lot’s of cute things and some window clingys – still need to go to Michaels and a couple of other stores to finish my treat bags but it’s a great start! ❤


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